Competition Engine Coatings & Cyrotreatment

Power Coatings Set of 4
(TBC) and Skirt (PM) $148.00
Dome (TBC) and Skirt (PC-9) $172.00
Dome (GC) and Skirt (PM) $172.00
Dome (GC) and Skirt (PC-9) $188.00
Dome Only (TBC) $118.00
Dome Only (DC) $162.00
Skirt Only (PM) $76.00
Skirt Only (PC-9) $92.00
Heavy Skirt Build up (PC-9 .002"-.004") $116.00
Cylinder Heads  
6-Cylinder Head chambers (Pair or Inline) $210.00
4-Cylinder Head chambers (Pair or Inline) $180.00
Exhaust Ports when coating chambers $15.00/each
Flow Coat Intake Ports when coating chambers $15.00/each
Exhaust & Intake Ports w/o chambers $24.00/each
Valves & Valve Train  
Faces and Radius Side (TBC) $12.00/each
Faces Only (TBC) $10.00/each
Radius Side (TBC) $10.00/each
Stem (PPM) Low Friction $9.25/each
Valve Springs (Set of 16) $136.00/set
Camshaft Low Friction $170.00/set
Intake Manifold  
Bottom (TBC) $130.00/each
Top (BBE) $115.00/each
Inside Runners (UFC) $145.00/set
Top (TBC) $140.00/each
Inside Runners (TBC) $170.00/set

Short Block Components

Crankshaft Low Friction (Oil Shedding) $190.00
Connecting Rods (Oil Shedding) $23.00/each
Main or Rod 4 Cylinder Bearing Set $38.50/set
Oil Pump- Conventional $65.00



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